Basic Family Portraits Preparation Tips

Preparing For Your Photography Session

Thank you for trusting Mark Jordan Photography with your professional family portrait. Before we meet for your family portrait session we advise familiarizing yourself with our Basic Family Portraits Preparation Tips. Whether your family portrait is in the studio or outdoors, these essential steps have proven to be greatly beneficial in helping our families being best prepared for their time with Mark.

Basic Family Portraits Session Preparation Tips


  • If not already decided, finalize your clothing selections.
  • If scheduling a haircut or new style, advise stylist you need to look not so spanking brand new! In short, allow several days for a new haircut/style to settle in.Prep Guide Doby Orange County Family Portraits
  • A few nights of restful sleep will reap manifold benefits.
  • Every day, drink ample water to restore elasticity and plump your skin cells.
  • Confirm you have directions to our studio and allow ample time to arrive on time.
  • Plan ahead for the day of your session, keeping plans and schedule light.

NOTE: We understand that many scheduled family portraits are arranged within a day or two of one’s family portrait appointment. Therefore, our “Week Before” Basic Family Portrait Preparation Tips may be made moot. Regardless, do your best – apply what’s relevant/practical and disregard what’s behind you. Smile – it’s all good.


  • Set aside your clothing selections. If a question arises, contact us or bring it! We can discuss at your session.
  • Pack grooming essentials, such as comb, brush, hairspray, makeup, blowdryer, curling iron, etc.
  • Rehearse morning schedule to ensure ample time to prepare, commute and arrive.
  • If you’re a person who utilizes a checklist, make one.
  • Confirm directions are at hand. Allow for a few minutes more than might be needed.
  • If you require special family portrait specifications, by all means, pack them!
  • Set your alarm and get a good night’s rest.

NOTE: Because your daily concerns and emotions will be revealed in your family portrait, it is vital to arrange your day so that stressful activities are kept to a minimum.


  • Wake with a smile, be grateful, and begin to execute your morning plan.
  • Drink more water.
  • If not arriving in your clothing, ensure they’re packed in your vehicle (along with your directions).
  • Also, remember grooming essentials.
  • If you require special family portrait specifications, by all means, bring them!
  • If you’ve made a checklist, check it.

NOTE: Should you awake not feeling well, or an emergency call requires your immediate attention, please feel free to call and talk with us – you just might need to reschedule. No worries – it happens.

Finally, in addition to our Basic Family Portraits Preparation Tips, we also offer our Family Portrait Preparations for Clothing, Hair, Makeup, Jewelry, Do’s & Don’ts and more:

• Family Portraits Preparation Guide

    1. Introduction
    2. Essentials
    3. Foundation Up
    4. Do and Avoid

As always, should you have questions regarding any aspect of our Basic Family Portraits Preparation Tips or your approaching family portrait session, no concern is too small.

Mark Jordan

Orange County Family Portrait Preparation Tips by Mark Jordan
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Basic Family Portrait Preparation Tips

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