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Our easy to read Digital Retouching InfoGraphic provides detailed information regarding our Four Levels of retouching. Each component is discussed in greater detail following the InfoGraphic.

Digital Retouching | Orange County Headshots by Mark Jordan Photography

• A LA CARTE PRICING – Retouching

  1. There are 3 essential components to any headshot: Session, Digital File, and Retouching.
  2. A La Carte pricing simply offers you the ability to purchase any of the 3 essential components as you see fit.
  3. This page is dedicated to the single headshot component, Retouching.
  4. Retouching is the third component of any headshot and is the pre and postproduction adjustments applied to your digital file.
  5. Retouching is separate from the remaining two components, Session and Digital Files.

Includes the 3 Essential Components to any Headshot (Session, Digital File and Retouching) ALL in one convenient price. Discover more about PACKAGE PRICING by selecting the link. 

Conversational Retouching

The goal of appropriately applied digital retouching is to render the face conversationally.  It is not intended to alter one’s actual appearance or character.

When we talk with people we not examine every detail of  their face. This is because our peripheral vision is activated. However, when we look at a photographic image, our peripheral vision is deactivated and suddenly we scrutinize that face as we would in a vanity mirror. Thus, the necessity for expertly applied retouching that naturally restores the features of the face, conversationally…

We accomplish a conversational face by softening and/or removing those facial features we do not normally notice when conversing with someone, while emphasizing and lightly enhancing the attractive/striking features we generally do recognize. For us, retouching is both science and art. For you, retouching is your opportunity to best present yourself as an ambassador to your business and community connections.

Keeping with our traditional of personalized service, we offer four distinct levels of Digital Retouching. Should you desire to add “touchups” to your portrait, our FOUR distinct digital retouching choices are designed to accommodate a wide range of facial demands and the ultimate objectives of your headshot.

Since each expression is unique, there is no humanly way that the retouching work performed on one image can be copied and then applied to another. Therefore, the cost for retouching is for each expression you might choose.

Digital Retouching is not a design element that lends itself to a quick summation. We offer the information for those who are interested and enjoy learning. However, for most, this information can be quickly discussed and determined when we meet and/or after seeing your Previews.

So, should the detailed information on retouching be too much to absorb now, please relax and know we’ll help you through, every step of the way.

them to decide what level is best for them. Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all approach (as has become the norm these days), we give our clients the option of choosing what degree of Retouching is most relevant to them.

Please note that our FOUR digital retouching levels are not seen as good-better-best, but are rather a genuine approach to accommodate the individual requirements of every face. There is no good-better-best – only options which are offered to meet your specific needs.

Determining the degree of digital retouching best suited for each face is either a function of listening to my clients concerns and attending to their specific requests, or simply proceeding according to my aesthetic appraisal. Usually, it’s a combination of the two. Regardless, we guarantee our retouching for the life of your image and are happy to tweak your headshot until you are thoroughly delighted.

All levels of retouching begin with our large/soft studio lighting and pre-post production refinements necessary to raw file conversion. In addition we then work directly on the digital file and painstakingly perform the following:

1. exPress – $ 0
Standard: primary focus on removal of minor blemishes.

2. Prime – $ 75
RadianceexPress plus softening of skin, facial lines (forehead, around eyes, neck) and removal of all blemishes, as well vignetting image and refining color.

3. Pro – $125
The WorksPrime plus emphasis on not on

Though every face requires some degree of digital retouching, we thought it beneficial to our clients to allowly the aesthetic quality of your headshot (see details below), but special attention is given to perfecting color, rendering depth, brilliance and pop to your headshot. Pro Retouching renders you on your best day! 

In addition to Prime retouching, every detail in Pro is considered and executed personally by Mark Jordan. Special attention is given to:

eyes – iris color, catchlights, whites, eyelashes, eyebrows, glare, bags, crows-feet, remove redness/bloodshot, watery, and for woman, eye liner/makeup
nose – softening, removing redness, pores, blood vessels, spider veins, shine/grease/glare, straightening
teeth – whiten (i.e. remove yellow), fill, straighten/align, even rough edges, remove discoloration
lips – define, lightly soften, add contrast/depth
ears – remove glare/shine, lessen attention
stray hairs – around head, ears, nose, chin, forehead
neck/chest – soften lines, removing double chin, thinning, narrowing width, reducing jowls, darkening
hair – highlights, brilliance, sheen, glow; as well as mustache/beard/goatee: shaping, filling, removing strays, coloring
background – lightening-darkening, vignetting, toning, contrast, color, blending, replacing
color – skin tone, glow, contrast, shadow, highlights, brilliance
clothing – especially collar area, ties, shirt/blouse/jacket contours, smoothing wrinkles, balancing color
jewelry – remove glare, saturate color, restore clarity/sparkle

4. Premier$250
Pro-Premier exudes all the attributes of Pro plus a Tailor-Made Digital Background! Premier is an exclusive feature of Mark Jordan’s Headshot services, which is a mixture of our Pro-Retouching level plus a tailor-made, digital background to harmonize with with any number of design considerations. This might be something as simple at matching your clothing choices or a complex as creating a background to correspond to your website. It’s the ideal choice for those looking for a one-of-a-king, unique image, and who desire to Stand Out From the Crowd..

As always, should you have ANY questions regarding any aspect of our Digital Retouching, please know that no concern is too small.

Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan

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Digital Retouching


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