Family Portraits Preparation Guide INTRODUCTION

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing…”

Chances are you probably have not thought of “swing” in terms relating to family portraits photography. Nonetheless, it is just as vital to family portraits as it is to jazz. The “swing” we speak of here, however, is emotion. Thus the purpose of our Orange County Family Portraits Preparation Guide.

As a portrait artist, my desire is to create a portrait that radiates emotional impact. The ingredients in a portrait of emotional impact are basic yet essential. Three of the elements, composition, lighting, and expression are the most conspicuous. All must be complementary, natural and genuine. The same is true for a fourth component as well: clothing. However, while the first three factors are my sole responsibility, you have the final word with on clothing. It is the one integral ingredient where you have the utmost control.

Therefore, while preparing for your portrait, remember that your clothing simply serves as a frame for your face. As in all fine art, our eyes are drawn to the painting while the frame functions to support the image. It’s the beauty of the artwork we admire, not the frame.

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A portrait of emotional impact is best achieved when the viewer’s gaze is drawn to the eyes and faces in the portrait. This is why the clothing you choose must not only be complimentary and natural, but subdued and unobtrusive. This is essential to the success of your family portrait. Of course, exceptions exist to just about everything. However, when your hope is in displaying a portrait of emotional impact, it would be best to reign in busy patterns and noisy colors.

So then, when selecting your portrait clothing, please keep in mind it is your family we want to behold, not your clothing.

Our Family Portraits Preparation Guide provides simple suggestions to facilitate the design of your portrait. Unlike the Ten Commandments, however, our suggestions are just that; suggestions. You are under no obligation to conform to our recommendations. You may do or wear anything you think looks best. Use whatever information you feel is relevant and disregard whatever is not.

Included in our services is a Complimentary Preparation Consultation. Please let us know when you’d like to meet and we’ll respond promptly. The brief time it will take will give you peace of mind and will make for a more relaxing and stress-free portrait session.

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Family Portraits Preparation Guide INTRODUCTION


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