Why Headshots by Mark Jordan Photography

Regardless of creating thousands of headshots over the past three decades, I still undertake each session with a fresh approach and passion. My service not only encompasses the planning and photographing of every headshot session, it extends itself to performing every facet of your headshot creation. From the myriad of aesthetic decisions regarding the raw digital files to retouching and final file preparation, I personally attend to every detail.

My portrait sessions are routinely described as “comfortable,” “enjoyable” and “painless.” This may be attributed to that, far from being treated as a nameless face in a portrait mill, my only concern is the person right in front of me – a person deserving my full attention and every ounce of my skill set.

Since the One-Size-Fits-All approach does not work for most people, we have designed our headshot services to meet a wide range of needs and budgets. PRICE, therefore, is largely a function of matching your headshot needs with our price and design options.

Our only “agenda” is to provide the very finest in headshot photography while making it as cost effective as possible. Providing options to pick and choose the degree of session coverage, image file size and level of retouching, gives you the flexibility to make the best choices to meet both your headshot needs and budgetary requirements.

If you are unfamiliar with our Award Winning Headshots, this link to our PORTFOLIO will be beneficial. The PRICE information will get you up to speed regarding the TIMING of your headshot, and the PRICE.

As always, should you have any question, no concern is too small.

Thank you!

Mark Jordan
Master Craftsman Photographer
American Society of Photographers
International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum
Orange County Photographer of the Year

When looking for a professional Orange County Family Portraits photographer, or Orange County Headshots Photographer please call 949-888-8071 or complete our online request form.

Why Headshots by Mark Jordan Photography

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