Headshots On-Location

Headshots On-Location

Adding a Location To Your Headshot

Thank you for visiting Orange County Headshots regarding your company’s Headshots OnLocation. Adding a location to your headshot could not be any easier. Plus, if you have any questions, we’re to help you every step of the way.

Though a fully-equipped professional portrait studio is ideal for headshots sessions, we realize it’s not always practical to convene at our location. This is why, in 1981, we began offering the option of adding headshots on-location for our commercial and theatrical headshots.

The typical cost of adding a location to your headshot is simply the Location Fee ($185). This is relevant for either those who desire Natural lighting or whose headshot needs are for ten or more people.

For those who want Studio Lighting (which requires the assembly of our portrait studio at your location), and also have headshot needs for ten or more people, the total on-location cost is still just $185. The Studio Assembly Fee of $350 is waived when scheduling at least ten headshot sessions.

The only scenario where the Studio Assembly Fee of $350 is required is when the number of headshots requested is less than ten people.

With that in mind, let’s now segue into the specifics of adding a location to your headshot. Here you go.


When scheduling Headshots OnLocation, there are 3 Essential Components that need to be considered: 1. Location; 2. Background; 3. Lighting.


1. LOCATION • $185

ALL locations within Orange County are priced the same and include Travel and Time expense.

A. INSIDE Orange County – $185
B. OUTSIDE Orange County: Please contact us for a personalized quotation.
C. EXTENDED Travel: Please contact us for personalized quotation.



By its very nature, Headshots OnLocation are divided into TWO Background Choices: 1. your Facility (interior or exterior); or 2. one of our professional Backdrops. All we ask of you is to inform us which background you are considering. Both are offered at no charge:

A. FACILITY: encompasses either your facility’s interiors (walls & windows) or its surrounding exteriors (building & landscapes).
B. BACKDROP: entails assembling a 6′ wide professional backdrop within your facility location, which is included at NO CHARGE with ANY of our lighting options.


3. LIGHTING • $0 or $350

Before you can tabulate a complete price for your adding a location to your headshot, you will need to decide on the quality of lighting that best meets your needs. We offer 2 possible lighting scenarios:

A. NATURAL Lighting
• Available Light with On-Camera Flash, ideal for a contemporary, casual headshot look.
$0No Minimum Headshots 
When opting for us to assemble STUDIO LIGHTING at your location with BACKDROP, an empty space of 10×12 feet with an 8-10 foot ceiling is preferred.

Headshots On-Locaiton | Natural Lighting | Mark Jordan Photography











B. STUDIO Lighting
• Includes full Studio Assembly with 3 Strobes and Backdrop, for a traditional headshot feel.
$0 with a 10 Headshot Minimum. Each individual person photographed counts as one headshot.
$350 with Less than 10 Headshot Minimum.

Headshots On-Locaiton | Natural Lighting | Mark Jordan Photography










Should you’d like to discuss the aesthetic pros and cons of our options, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to advise.

Mark Jordan Photography’s OnLocation SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Headshot Session with Mark Jordan.
  • Digital Files cropped, sized, ready for Web posting.
  • Retouching – we offer 3 options from which to choose.
  • Locations within Orange County are all at the same price.
  • Lighting options offered for either your Facility or our Studio backdrops.
  • Online Previews posted within 24 hours for you to view at your convenience.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – quality, adjustments & tweaking.

The 3 Universal Elements to ANY Headshot – Revisited

Adding a location to your Headshot is not complete until we also revisit the 3 Universal Elements to ANY Headshot. Whether scheduling your headshot in our Studio or at your OnLocation, the fundamental ingredients to creating any headshot are:

  • Session: the photographic time required to “take” your portrait
  • Digital File: the purchased product or image you need for posting online and/or publishing
  • Retouching: the post-production alterations to make you look your best and natural

Please familiarize yourself with these three components in our All-In-One FasTrak Packages.

Should you require multiple headshots for your staff, business partners or corporation, please be sure to check-out our Discounted Headshot Packages in the Multiple Headshots Pricing Chart.

As always, should you have questions regarding any aspect of Headshots OnLocation, no concern is too small.

Mark Jordan
Master Craftsman Photographer
American Society of Photographers
International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum
Orange County Photographer of the Year
3-Time Honoree -EPCOT’S World’s Greatest Photographers Exhibit

When looking for a professional County Headshots Photographer please call 949-888-8071 or complete our online request form.

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