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Thank you for inquiry about how to select portrait size. We’re excited you want to know more about our approach to choosing the most appropriate portrait size for your family portrait and are considering our portrait studio among the many photographers from which you might choose.

Mark Jordan Photography offers over forty portrait sizes ranging from 5×7 inches to nearly 5×7 feet and carries three distinct Portrait Qualities. Whether you’re on a tight budget and looking for something simple or desire the very finest, state-of-the-art in photography, with Gift/Desktop sizes starting at $48, we offer something for just about everyone.

The price any Mark Jordan portrait will vary on any one size depending on 4 Portrait Pricing Factors: Size, Quality, Artistry, and FinishThis brief but informative post is dedicated to the first portrait consideration, SIZE.

Among the four decisions in selecting the appropriate portrait, we list SIZE first. We do so because we believe the size of a portrait is the most important factor when selecting a portrait. Why? Emotional Impact.

The primary purpose in family portrait is not so much for the present, but for tomorrow. Family portraits remind us of how we were, yesterday, and thus transport us back to a time we love and treasure. It’s about reliving cherished memories.

After the years have gone by and you’re sitting back, enjoying your family portrait, you will have long forgotten the price paid and quality of your portrait. What you will notice, however, are the faces and expressions captured in the photographs displayed on your wall. The larger and more life-like the head sizes, the greater connection to the past and the precious memories of days gone by.

Conversely, the smaller the head sizes, and the more you have strain to experience expressions, the emotional impact is diminished. The smaller the head size, the lesser the return.

Therefore, when it comes to family portraits, SIZE matters.

Head Size, as you may have gathered, is the quintessential benchmark when choosing a portrait size.  Head Size is measured temple-to-temple and varies depending on the number of people in a portrait.

Whereas in an individual portrait we’d liked to see a minimum ‘temple-to-temple‘ Head Size of 5-6 inches, the preferred minimum temple-to-temple head size for a family portrait is 2-3 inches. Though we would, of course, love to see larger Head Sizes in family portraits, to do so would mean portrait sizes exceeding seven feet! Such larger dimensions are impractical and would prove to be too expensive for the vast majority of families. Because of this, we are forced to compromise and settle on a smaller temple-to-temple width of only 2-3 inches.

Thus, you will receive a greater connection from your portrait by selecting an appropriate temple-to-temple Head Size over the choosing a finer quality and finish.

In other words, when considering How To Select Portrait Size, it would be better to select a larger portrait size (say a 30×40), in a less expensive portrait quality, than our finest finish in a small dimension (like a 16×20). While a finer aesthetic will please the eye, a more appropriate size will delight the heart.

Larger Head Sizes always evoke a deeper emotional response with the viewer. This, in turn, creates a more meaningful connection with the past, which is the fundamental reason why portrait lovers come to us and why our portrait studio exists.

As always, should you have questions regarding any aspect of How To Select Portrait Size, no concern is too small.

Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan
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How To Select Portrait Size

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