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Thank you for viewing our Orange County Headshots Portfolio. I trust you saw something that reflects the headshot portrait you have in mind, or peaks your interest for further exploration.  Either way, we’re excited you dropped by and are looking forward to hearing from you.

As you have seen, headshot styles vary greatly. While the majority of our client’s needs are simple, where a studio background is suitable, others require their Orange County headshot to be created on-location, where we offer settings at their office, on a local beach, along a city sidewalk, or amid park greenery. Whichever backdrop is best for you, we make every headshot session fun, quick and effortless.

In fact, probably the most common phrase we hear at the conclusion of our headshot sessions is something to the effect of, “Wow, that was painless.” We hear it so often that we even considered renaming of studio to “Mark Jordan – Home of Painless Headshot.” What do you think? OK, so it’s a bit corny.

I’m sure you also noticed that not only do backgrounds designs vary, but so do expressions and styles. The reason being that “headshots” mean different things to different people. They also have different purposes, with the two most distinct differences being Commercial Headshots and Theatrical Headshots.

Commercial Headshots are also principally for “business.”  We also categorize them as business headshots, executive portraits and corporate photography.

Theatrical Headshots encompass the arts and are designed for primarily for artists and performers in a wide range of creative endeavors: actors, musicians, writers. authors, playwrights, directors, dancers, models, painters, and athletes.

What also differentiates the Commercial Headshot from the Theatrical Headshot Orange County Headshots by Orange County Family Portraits, Mark Jordan Photographyis that while the former is typically a headshot that represents a product or service, the latter are headshots that expresses the person and their craft – that is, they are the very product they’re selling.

Though their are no hard fast rules for either Commercial Headshot from the Theatrical Headshot, you may have noticed a few distinct differences. These differences tend to be in style, cropping and retouching.

Commercial Headshots are inclined to be straightforward with simple backgrounds, center cropping and more detailed retouching. The reason a more conventional persona works well is because it is less likely to distract or offend the wide range of personalities that come looking for what a business has to offer. Thus, a nondescript background and traditional cropping is less risky and will generally serve best.

Retouching for a Commercial Headshot is also crucial. This is because the published face acts an integral component to one’s marketing campaign. It not only represents the product/service but is frequently the FIRST connection potential clients will make with whatever it is that’s being offering.

This is not to say that business headshot must always be dressed in a suit against a seamless white or gray background. Far from it. However, regardless of how creative or traditional one requires of their headshot, a prudent business person will go the extra mile to ensure flaws and imperfections (facial and clothing) will not get in the way from their client investigating more about them and their wares.

Orange County Headshots by Orange County Family Portraits, Mark Jordan Photography

Corporate Headshot created with seven individual Sessions and then later assembled into a single group image. This approach not only facilitates either the addition or subtraction of any person, but it is a cost and time saver as there is never a need to corral the entire group each time a change is needed.

Thus, Commercial Headshots tend to be more effective with greater degrees of retouching. This is NOT to make the headshot appear perfect, but rather to render the face CONVERSATIONAL, as if sitting right in front of the client – a client whose peripheral vision and concerns are much too distracted to notice every facial feature in person, which a poorly retouched photograph will amply magnify.

A thorough application of retouching, therefore, is not a license to alter one’s character or create a plastic figure. It’s anything but. Rather, a greater degree of effective, appropriately applied retouching renders the professional face in a manner that is how a client might remember and describe the professional after walking away from a pleasant conversation. They simply are not going to recall less than perfect features, flaws and blemishes – that is, unless you remind them with a photograph where the distracting nature of their peripheral vision is deactivated and suddenly every imperfection is as plain as the noon day sun.

Orange-County-Headshots by Mark Jordan PhotographyTheatrical Headshots are typically more leading-edge, progressive and hip. Where a Commercial Headshot might favor a more traditional, conservative approach, the Theatrical Headshot will lean decidedly toward the avant-garde. Anything goes, and often does.

The odd thing about Theatrical Headshots is that there is no one correct approach to retouching – it’s an unique as the artists themselves.

Generally speaking, those who are launching their career will do best with light to moderate artwork (our ExPress or Prime). This is so that whoever the young artist to hoping to impress or to engender appeal, will witness a close resemblance between the person sitting at arms length and the headshot they’ve just presented.

While the typical consumer will rarely think to scrutinize the facial features of a someone with whom their considering conducting business, the exact opposite is in play when say an aspiring actor comes knocking on the door of an agent. In these instances, it’s best to remove anything temporary (such as blemishes, greasy skin, and tired, dark eye circles) and leave permanent imperfections/character traits alone. Whether it’s a quirky grin, crooked nose, squinty eyes, or even large ears, the neophyte would do best to leave them be, allowing their audience to appreciate them for who they are.

However, for the established artist, with wide public recognition (where looking youthful and beautiful are the mantras of a long and illustrative career), efficacious retouching is not only a valued friend, it can mean the difference between being judged as humdrum or the exceptionally talented celebrity you know has decades of productivity yet to express. Look no further than the covers any number of fashion magazines – you’ll quickly see what I mean. Here, our Pro Retouching is ideal.

In summary, our Orange County Headshots Portfolio is offered here for obvious reasons. One is that you’ll take a look at our headshot samples and determine that we’ve got what it takes to create your next headshot.  The other reason is to show you that when it comes to designing headshots, there’s a whole lot more to consider than compliantly sitting in front of camera and smiling. Though the information in this post is a minuscule fraction of what goes in to crafting a professional headshot, it does offer a glimpse into the myriad considerations one might contemplate when selecting their headshot photographer.

Orange County Headshots by Orange County Family Portraits, Mark Jordan Photography

Discover why thousands of Orange County businesses, actors, musicians, authors, and artists of every genre have trusted Orange County Headshots by Mark Jordan Photography for their business headshot or theatrical headshot needs.

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