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Mini Cooper Photographs

Perfect Marriage of Art and Artistry Following is a press release regarding my foray into creating Mini Cooper photographs for Crevier Mini Cooper in Orange County, CA. I’ve posted  here in it’s entirety. And in case you’re wondering, NO, you cannot simply drive up on the beach – nor did I… (Orange County, California) Capturing…

Four Keys to Headshot Photography Part Three

PAINTING WITH LIGHT Following is the third installment of a four part series, Four Keys to Headshot Photography, by Orange County Headshot Photographer, Mark Jordan. We have already posted the first two factors, “Planning” and “Positioning,” and after this component, we’ll have only the fourth (Expression) to go. I’ve designed each factor in this four part series…

Four Keys to Headshot Photography Part Two

POSITIONING Continuing with our four part series on the Four Keys to Headshot Photography, by Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan, we are going delve into Four Keys to Headshot Photography Part Two, Positioning. Though my series was written so each of the four factors are meaningful on their own, I do advise taking a quick look at section…

Four Keys to Headshot Photography Part One

PLANNING PREFACE: What is your Headshot photography communicating to your client’s community and their potential clients? It cannot be overemphasized, people do equate the quality and credibility of your your client’s craft by the HeadShot they present to the world – 90% of which is made at the subconscious level. Long gone are the days…

Mindi Abair Photos – On American Idol

Plays on America Idol Mindi Abair, one of America’s most renowned and loveliest saxophonists, stole the show during her guest performance on American Idol. Playing with contestant, Phillip Phillips, they rocked the stage with their performance of “Give A Little More” by Maroon 5. So, why I am blogging about my Mindi Abair Photos? Two reasons. I…


Illustrated Pregnancy Now that my Belly Art Photos have become popular across the country and throughout the world (due in large part because of the internet), a week does not go by that someone writes and asks me questions about Belly Art Photos. It then occurred to me to compile a list of the most…

The Art of Storytelling Family Portraits

Illustrative Portraiture – By far and away the strongest trend in family portraits today is illustrative portraiture, or more commonly known as storytelling. Though inquiries for storytelling family portraits are still one in five, it’s a far cry from the past where I might hear a single request out of a hundred. Even when I haven’t received a specific…

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