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Yelp Reviews – Mark Jordan Photography

Reviews That Yelp Has “FILTERED” As many of you know, since declining to advertise with Yelp, my Yelp Reviews have all but been decimated. I wrote a blog about this, exposing their unethical practice in detail. That aside, as my Yelp Reviews become filtered (euphemism for “removed as retribution for not advertising with Yelp”), and are…

Why Hire Mark Jordan

What makes a Mark Jordan Portrait stand out from the crowd? by Kathryn Williams, AGI With thousands of portrait photographers to choose from in Southern California, why hire Mark Jordan? What is the key factor that differentiates Mark Jordan Photography from every other family portrait studio? There are several reasons people recount why they hire…

The Art of Storytelling Family Portraits

Illustrative Portraiture – By far and away the strongest trend in family portraits today is illustrative portraiture, or more commonly known as storytelling. Though inquiries for storytelling family portraits are still one in five, it’s a far cry from the past where I might hear a single request out of a hundred. Even when I haven’t received a specific…

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