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Reviews That Yelp Has “FILTERED”

As many of you know, since declining to advertise with Yelp, my Yelp Reviews have all but been decimated. I wrote a blog about this, exposing their unethical practice in detail.

That aside, as my Yelp Reviews become filtered (euphemism for “removed as retribution for not advertising with Yelp”), and are ultimately deleted altogether, it dawned on me that should at least copy and post them before they are all gone.

Below, I have attached the reviews that are currently being shown, followed by reviews that have been deemed “inappropriate” by Yelp Reviews.

Should you read any review that you feel is “inappropriate” please let us know and we’ll take a look…

Other than that, I only ask that you consider the source when working with Yelp.


These Yelp Reviews were posted as of the posting of this blog. However, they can disappear at any moment. If fact, as I was writing this Yelp Reviews blog, yet another Yelp Review was “filtered.” It was written by a retired Marine (Paul B.) who loved his headshot and wanted to share his Five Star experience.  His Yelp Review is now the first in the list of “inappropriate” Yelp Reviews.

Michael A.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Trophy Club, TX
While you can get your professional headshot done by pretty much everyone (including your own ‘selfie’ on your phone), I would highly suggest you don’t.

I believed enough in Orange County headshots (and Mark Jordan) that I paid to have the President of one of my clients to have his headshot taken by Mark. 

Considering this client has been with me for over 3 years, I absolutely positively cannot afford to have any service I suggest fail to be the best.

I was rewarded, in spades. On the most recent business call, the CEO was explaining that the company needed to have their website headshots updated and the President (who has been the president of companies earning $500 million a year) said that his headshot from Mark was “The best photo of him, ever”.

If you want results that Rock Stars (literally) and Fortune 1000 Professionals seek out, I highly recommend Mark.

John W.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Admit it: everyone hates to have their picture taken and everybody hates to see their picture. I’m no different.

Whenever I do have to get an updated photograph, the service, quality of image, and follow up work done by Mark Jordan is without peer. Mark Jordan provides a relaxed atmosphere to work in, a wide range of shots to choose from, with both “gentle” or “extreme” touch up work that makes the end result something even a camera shy guy like me proud of.

Highly recommend the services of Mark Jordan Photography.

Bryan K.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Granbury, TX
From my point of view, Mark Jordan is the greatest portrait photographer in the United States. He is much more than a man who simply snaps photos. He is the entire package. His character is second to none. His Godly faith shines from his whole being. His caring nature is unmatched. Mark is much more than a photographer, he is a friend and brother to all.

Linh H.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Costa Mesa, CA
I had head shots taken with Mark Jordan last year prior to medical school and I could not be more grateful for how much he’s helped me. I was able to apply for scholarships and internships with sheer confidence and even managed to hear back from a quite a few.

His studio is set up in conjunction with his beautiful home, which keeps the vibe casual while very professional. Setting up appointments was convenient, communication was easy, feedback/proofs were prompt, prices competitive and I was so happy with the results. A true artist, a true professional, and I look forward to working with him again.

Phuong P.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Costa Mesa, CA
Mark Jordan is a master of photography and I am glad that we entrusted him with our family portrait. It was clear from the beginning that Mark was professional, communicative, thorough, technically talented and very patient! We had a large group photo (14 adults, children and a baby) and Mark and Kari handled us like pros AND made sure that everyone was comfortable and had fun. I highly recommend!


YELP: “11 reviews for Mark Jordan Photography that are not currently recommended
Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business’s overall star rating.”

Again, should you read any inappropriate comments or see something that makes these client’s reviews not fit for print, we’d appreciate hearing from you.

Paul B.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
San Clemente, CA
Mark is a true professional who is a master of his craft. He has the ability to make his subject(s) comfortable and draw the finest points of their personalities out. He’s going to provide world-class service and results…his is a product many levels beyond what you’ll find elsewhere. Mark offers prompt and relative responses and provides great advice on every aspect of the experience, from what to wear to how he can help you to look your best. I highly recommend him!

Cynthia D.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Trabuco Canyon, CA
Mark is incredible and his studio is charming. He is warm, funny, charming and an excellent photographer. Highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants a high quality professional photo shoot.

Ana Maria S.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Dana Point, CA
I had my headshot done by Mark. Excellent service, great quality. Will go back for any other kind of family or professional pictures.

Louis P.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Huntington Beach, CA
My name is Louis Pleau and my experience with Mr. Mark Jordan couldn’t gone any better than it did. If you want something good see somebody else but if you want greatness than you need to see Mark Jordan. His work and the way he treats people speaks volums. Peace.

Jodi C.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Mission Viejo, CA
Mark Jordan created more than beautiful pictures, he created an experience. The appt didn’t take forever to schedule, once at the studio he made me feel very comfortable which led to great photos. Mark produced the photos quickly and at a very reasonable price. The quality of his work surpasses any I’ve had before, would recommend with confidence to anyone looking for great photos by a true professional.

Janet B.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Laguna Niguel, CA
Mark did an exceptional job on my corporate head shots. He has a true talent for bringing out the best in his subjects. My photos were professional AND captured my personality. I highly recommend him.

Robert C.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Orange, CA
I found Mark Jordon after reading reviews and talking to others who had used his services. I hired him to take my headshot. We had an initial meeting just to exchange information. During the actual session, approximately 80 shots were taken. The next day I was sent more than 30 raw pictures to evaluate. I finally picked one. Then, the final print came a few days later. It was beautiful, with just the right amount of processing. I highly recommend Mark to anyone needing professional photography. I will surely use him again.

Steven D.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Newport Beach, CA
Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan Photography, is widely known as Orange County’s finest portrait photographer. He and his wife, Kari, are wonderful people as well. We are so delighted with our portraits he did of my wife and me, we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the portrait process. Not to mention he offered a wide selection of both portrait finishes and prices to amply meet our budget. Thank you Mark and Kari, we are looking forward to our next session with you! Plus he made me look great!

Steven S.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Santa Barbara, CA
I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan, since 1991 and have commissioned him to create multiple images for me, personally as well as for my company: Strictly Vacations in Santa Barbara. Being a one time professional photographer myself, and having specialized in celebrity weddings, I was and still am very particular in regards to the aesthetic values of photography. Rarely have I seen a photographer rise to the caliber of Mark Jordan’s imaginative and creative flair. When you want the very best, I can think of no one better than Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan.

Joanne J.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
About the only concern we had about relocating to California was leaving our family portrait photographer. She had captured our family’s most treasured memories for nearly 20 years. After moving here last September we asked anyone if they knew of a good photographer. We told everyone we were spoiled with New York’s finest. The one name that kept coming up was Mark Jordan – we were told that Mark wasn’t just for anyone, however, but for people who truly loved portraits and that excellence was of utmost importance. We checked out his website and we were blown away! Suffice it to say, we hired Mark and Kari to create an “empty nest” portrait. The portrait session went wonderful. Kari was perfect at getting all of us to “sparkle” naturally. They were that powerful! Our portrait now hangs on our den wall and we could not be any happier. Not only do we love California, we now have a new family photographer to make us feel right at home. Thank you Mark & Kari, you are fabulous!

Tiffani R.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Laguna Hills, CA
Mark Jordan was amazing! I was expecting this to be an unpleasant experience but Mark make it fun and enjoyable. He never asked me to do any of those corny poses (like jumping in the air) – he kept it real. The hardest part was trying to narrow down our choices – every picture was awesome! I really liked the special work he did afterward on my photographs. One he did with a really cool blue “toning.” Classic! I cannot thank him enough and plan to come back in the future. Thank you!

Paul P.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Huntington Beach, CA
Fantastic customer service at a fair price. Mark is a joy to work with and has a high quality product. I highly recommend him, 2 thumbs up!
2 Reviews Removed for Violating our Content Guidelines or Terms of Service


These two Yelp Reviews no longer show the text and have been labeled: “This review has been removed for violating our Content Guidelines or Terms of Services.” No explanation as to the violation. Both Ruth and Steve are extraordinary clients and had written heartfelt reviews.

Ruth S.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Irvine, CA
1 friend
5 reviews

Steve P.Yelp Reviews 5-Star
Mission Viejo, CA
56 friends
31 reviews


Filtered  Yelp Reviews

Filtered Yelp Reviews is enough to make a grown man, well…Yelp!

This section is an Ode to those who spent their time to write Yelp Reviews, sharing their thoughts and expressing they’re appreciation – all to no avail. Yelp deemed them “inappropriate” and eventually deleted them altogether.

Had I realized sooner that the filtered reviews would eventually be removed completely, I would have thought to copy them sooner. All I can tell you at this point, is that there were several dozen Yelp Reviews and that ALL were Five Star.

If you’d like to get a feel for the reviews, you can always visit my Google Reviews. Even these reviews numbered over 60 at one time, but Google has lost over half of them with all their updates.

Mark Jordan
Master Craftsman Photographer
American Society of Photographers
International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum
Orange County Photographer of the Year
3-Time Honoree -EPCOT’S World’s Greatest Photographers Exhibit

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