Portrait Consultation


Because of the personalized nature of our work, the next step is to meet and plan with us. We provide a Complimentary Portrait Consultation just for this purpose – it’s a time of discoverydiscussion and design. We would love to get together here at our residential studio and talk about your upcoming portrait.

To serve you best, personal interaction is essential – it’s the foundation of our success. Combining our efforts inspires me. Getting to meet you, talking, and listening to your initial ideas gives me a clearer vision about you and the style of photography that will best meet your needs.

We also want to cover our design servicespolicies, sessions, our unique line of portraits (size, qualityartistry, and finish), and portrait prices.

Once we have a clear picture about the coverage and photographs you have in mind, a range of prices will evolve, all dependent on what best meets your particular needs. With price considerations behind us, we will then segue into the actual design phase of your portrait. This will include style/feel, clothing selections, background and a myriad of details that may arise during our conversation.

The atmosphere of our residential studio is casual and relaxed – please come as you like. Simply forward us a few dates and times that are convenient for you and we will get back to you promptly:


In over three decades of creating fine family portraits, we have found that meeting to plan for your portrait gives you the opportunity to have all your questions answered – even the ones you did not know to ask. This is all the more relevant when it comes to details regarding your Clothing Selections, Portrait Sessions, Portrait Pricing (Size, QualityFinish, Artistry options), which also includes our most requested Masterpiece “head-swapping” service, Timing and Framing, just to name a few.

There’s much to consider and be informed. Our Complimentary Portrait Consultation is designed with you in mind.

We are just like you in that we don’t like surprises. Therefore, our Website is transparent and easy to comprehend. It includes exhaustive information about every facet of our services. Because accuracy is a vital concern of our studio, we are dedicated to maintaining an up-to-date and accurate website. We review and tweak it on a daily basis. That’s how important it is to us that you are full informed.

Regardless of our efforts to inform and be thoroughly transparent, we experience clients who are too busy and do not take the time to consider and reflect upon the information provided. We understand how hectic life can get and how precious time is, but unless a client either meets with us or makes a concentrated effort to pour through our Website, the information they acquire is, at best, incomplete, and at worst, based on assumption. And we all know how precarious assumption can be.

Families who take the time to meet with us and who are fully appraised of our prices, policies and portraits options are always our happiest and most delighted clients.

On the other hand, those who want to simply make a quick appointment, show-up for their session, and hope everything will work out for the best, are those who are possibly setting themselves up for disappointment.

As much we would prefer to require every single family to meet with us beforehand, it’s not realistic. We realize circumstances exist that make it impractical for some to do so. Regardless, we cannot emphasis how vital it is for us to discuss and arrange your portrait, even if it means simply talking by phone. If not, our website is the ideal source to discover what we are all about.

To wit, please know that if you find yourself too busy to meet with us for your Complimentary Portrait Consultation, we will accommodate your schedule and agree to create your family portraits regardless of the possible challenges inherent in not being fully informed.

However, please understand that should you opt to forgo your Complimentary Portrait Consultation, then later discover something that you wish you would have “known beforehand,” understandably we cannot be held responsible.

To that end, we will also ask that you to sign a brief document that states you have declined to meet with us for your complimentary consultation and that we are not held liable for anything you may have assumed we offered in the way of photography, services and pricing.

We’ve taken great care and prudent strides to communicate every aspect of our business:

  • who we are 
  • what we offer
  • when we create portraits
  • where we’re located and photograph 
  • how much we charge 

Everything you need to know is not only provided amply on our website, we also are practically pleading with you to meet with us before your portrait session. This affords you the courtesy and opportunity to determine long beforehand whether our family portraits studio, prices and policies are best suited for your particular needs.

As you can clearly see, not only have we taken great pains to avoid being the “bad-guy,” more importantly, we want you to be thoroughly delighted with every aspect of our craft and service.

Should you like to connect by phone beforehand to discuss any aspect of your upcoming session, or to discover more about price, simply give us a call (949.888.8071) – we’re more than happy to talk. Should you catch us out on location (which is frequent), please be sure to leave a good time to call you back, helping us to avoid phone-tag.

Thank you again for considering Orange County Family Portraits, Mark Jordan Photography. We look forward to hearing from you for your Complimentary Portrait Consultation!

In the meantime, should you have questions regarding any aspect of your Portrait Consultation, no concern is too small.

Portrait Consultation

Mark Jordan
Master Craftsman Photographer
American Society of Photographers
International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum
Orange County Photographer of the Year
3-Time Honoree -EPCOT’S World’s Greatest Photographers Exhibit

When looking for a professional Orange County Family Portraits photographer, or Orange County Headshots Photographer please call 949-888-8071 or complete our online request form.

Portrait Consultation

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