The Three Cs of Family Portrait Sessions

Coverage • Creation • Commission

by Mark Jordan Photography's The Three Cs of Family Portraits

The Three Cs of Family Portraits by Mark Jordan Photography

Mark Jordan Photography is committed to you being completely delighted with every aspect of our craft and service. To that end we have created The Three Cs of Family Portrait Sessions.

  1. Coverage Unlimited
  2. Creation Fee
  3. Commission Retainer

1. COVERAGE – Unlimited!

  • People – Unlimited family, relatives, and anyone else you might want to include in your portrait.
  • Exposures – Unlimited “clicks” of the camera. We photograph until we get what we’re looking for.
  • Groupings – Unlimited poses and additional groupings you might require.*
  • Retouching – Unlimited number of faces receiving retouching for your portrait.

In other words, all Mark Jordan family portrait sessions include our Unlimited Coverage. You’ll never have to worry about not having enough exposures to choose from, or being nickel-and-dimed for adding people or all the groupings your might require. Relax – we’ve got you covered. It’s Unlimited!

*A minimum purchase is required for each additional grouping YOU request. The minimum purchase can be of ANY size and ANY quality, even as small as a 5×7. In the event the minimum purchase is not met, a small session fee of $75 will be charged, which serves to partially compensate us for Each Session, Raw File Conversions, and Preview Postings. 


The Creation fee is typically known by several names: sitting fee, camera charge, studio fee, session fee, etc. Regardless of what it’s known by, it partially compensates any portrait studio for the time, talent and costs associated with planning, preparing, and performing the actual portrait session.

The Creation fee is paid when reserving a portrait session and is Nonrefundable. The fee varies depending on the Commission deposit you  place – the greater the Commission, the lesser the Creation fee. For three decades we have been dedicated to keeping our Creation fees to a minimum.

The Creation fee includes:

  • Unlimited Coverage of your family portrait.
  • The lengthy process of converting your RAW, electronic camera data into digital Previews.
  • Preparing for and posting your digital Previews online.
  • The myriad details required to prepare for and perform your Preview Showing at our studio.
  • When requested, our expertise in selecting the best expressions of each family member.

3. COMMISSION – Retainer

  • The Commission is a retainer, or “deposit,” which establishes a minimum purchase commitment.
  • The greater your initial Commission retainer, the lesser your Creation fee.
  • Because your Commission retainer is applied 100% toward your portrait purchase, it is not a fee.
  • The Commission retainer is Nonrefundable and is placed when reserving a portrait session, prior to the actual design phase of any portrait session.

To see how The Three Cs of Family Portrait Sessions are integrated into our portrait sessions, please visit our Family Portrait Sessions page.

As always, should you have questions regarding any aspect of The Three Cs of Family Portrait Sessions, no concern is too small.

Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan
Master Craftsman Photographer
American Society of Photographers
International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum
Orange County Photographer of the Year
3-Time Honoree -EPCOT’S World’s Greatest Photographers Exhibit

When looking for a professional Orange County Family Portraits photographer, or Orange County Headshots Photographer please call 949-888-8071 or complete our online request form.

The Three Cs of Family Portrait Sessions

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