Family Portraits Preparation Guide DO and AVOID

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    • DO dress COMFORTABLY
    • DO bring along anything to your portrait you might need: grooming gear, water, medications, makeup, snack, our cell numbers, backups of anything vital…
    • DO keep within THEME COLORS ONLY.
    • DO wear DARKER SHADES of theme colors if you desire to appear more svelte.
    • DO come to the session with a POSITIVE, HAPPY HEART. Your cheerful attitude will be reflected for all to see for generations to come. The hard work is all behind you. Relax – enjoy yourself.
      Prep Guide Doby Orange County Family Portraits

      Family Portrait Preparation Guide DO’S

    • DO keep your eyes on the camera through the entire session. You will be tempted to look around and check out how others are doing. RESIST! The temptation will be more difficult than you think. It will be like having an itch you can’t scratch. Be strong – you CAN do it!
    • DO SPEAK UP if you are uncomfortable or have any concern. No question is too small. I will not be responsible for numb limbs.
    • DO remember that if everyone is on the ball, the portrait session will only take about 20 – 30 minutes. That’s it. A very small price to pay for such a cherished reward.
    • DO be ON TIME for your portrait session. You will want to take advantage of every minute set aside to create your portrait. You may even want to consider arriving a bit early, just to make sure all goes well.
    • DO keep things SIMPLE.
    • DO keep things SIMPLE.
    • DO keep things SIMPLE.
    • DO keep things SIMPLE.
    • DO ask questions.
    • DO know that no concern is too small.
    • DO remember that our Orange County Family Portraits Preparation Guide DO and AVOID is only a guide – you are free to prepare as you please.


      • “DONT’S” is the word traditionally expressed but since Google search does not accept contractions in titles (i.e. Do’s and Don’ts) we had to oblige and substituted it with “Avoid.”
      • AVOID Perfectly MATCHING the Colors of Clothing. Loosen up you perfectionists (oh, that’s me!).
      • AVOID busy PATTERNS.
      • AVOID BEING “CREATIVE” with colors and patterns (wear only thematic colors).
      • AVOID STIFF fabrics and materials that wrinkle easily. If your clothing requires heavy ironing, it’s probably the wrong piece to wear. If you’ve slept in it and it still looks fresh – bulls-eye!
      • AVOID anything too TIGHT. Soft, flowing lines are better aesthetically. You will also appear more svelte.
        Prep Guide Avoid by Orange County Family Portraits

        Family Portrait Preparation Guide AVOID

      • AVOID White & Pastels if there are weight concerns. Be especially attentive to pants unless expanding your “foundation” 10-20 pounds is OK.
      • AVOID LOOKING AROUND during the portrait session. Your children and shoes aren’t going anywhere unless you are. Besides, the top of your head is most likely not your most attractive feature. The best place to land your gaze is at the center of my lens.
      • AVOID the pressure to purchase expensive clothing to harmonize with the color theme. If you must buy something, it does not need to be costly. The camera cannot perceive value. The reality of the most elaborately designed sets in Hollywood movies would not even impress Homer Simpson. Since quality cannot be detected, the only element that matters is the harmony of the colors and the matching of the fabric’s characteristics.
      • AVOID being late for your portrait session. Having to RUSH or feeling RUSHED is not a comfortable way to have your portrait created. Not to mention the setting sun is adverse to adapting its schedule to meet yours.
      • AVOID believing that our Orange County Family Portraits Preparation Guide DO and AVOID is a strict manual – you are free to prepare for your family portrait session in any way you feel is best for you and your family.

THE COMPLETE Family Portraits Preparation Guide


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Family Portraits Preparation Guide DO and AVOID


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